With the rapid development of genetic engineering technology and synthetic biotechnology, life science is rapidly taking the lead in adopting new tools and strategies developed by these technologies. Among them, in vitro display technology independent of cell system plays an important role in the process of high-throughput synthesis and screening of effective small molecular therapeutic substances. For example, the production of proteins needed to target diseased or foreign cells, and the production of therapeutic antibodies through genetic engineering in the cell-free state are completely changing the treatment methods of known or emerging diseases. Biosystems designed by synthetic biologists are applied to all aspects of life sciences, from drug discovery to the development of personalized cell-based drug therapy, and biological agents that replace chemosynthetic drugs.

mRNA Display for Disease Treatment

With a large amount of data generated by the research of biology and pathology at the molecular level of basic life science, mRNA display technology can synthesize new or optimize existing drug molecules to achieve ideal characteristics based on these data, and these results will be used for the development of new therapies. The goal of CD BioSciences is to make full use of this technology to help revolutionize drug and therapeutic research and jointly promote the development of human health.

Cancers Cancers

Tumor cells or endothelium can express some specific antigens that are not found in normal tissues or at a low level, which are usually difficult to detect or purify. The advantage of mRNA display peptides is that they can recognize and combine the corresponding antigens of tumors, and can screen any tumor cells or molecules. The screening of tumor antigen epitopes can further analyze the structure and function of antigens, and serve as a targeted delivery vehicle for anticancer drugs.

Neurological Diseases Neurological Diseases

Structural and biochemical abnormalities of the brain or other nerves can lead to a series of neurological symptoms, including paralysis, muscle weakness, poor coordination and changes in consciousness level. At present, the medical community is trying to find new drugs to treat nervous system diseases. The appearance of mRNA display technology gives more possibilities for the discovery of new drugs in the nervous system, because small molecular drugs developed based on this technology are more likely to cross the blood-brain barrier than other biological macromolecules.

Metabolic Diseases Metabolic Diseases

The prevalence of metabolic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes and fatty liver, is on the rise worldwide. At present, most drugs used to treat metabolic diseases contain small molecules, but due to the lack of clear binding pockets, it is difficult to target the interaction regions between proteins, and the long development cycle and high research and development costs limit its development. The protein or peptide mimics developed by mRNA display technology just solve this problem. Through the introduction of non-limiting structures, the targeting of PPI can be achieved, and the high-throughput library screening reduces the drug discovery cycle.

Immune Diseases  Immune Disease

Immune system dysfunction can lead to autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases and cancer. When the immune system is not as active as normal, immune deficiency will occur, leading to repeated and life-threatening infections. At present, the drugs used to treat immune diseases mainly focus on immunosuppressants, which are used to control autoimmune diseases or inflammation in case of excessive tissue damage and prevent rejection after organ transplantation. In the process of new drug discovery, antibody fragments and small molecular peptides obtained through library screening have attracted wide attention due to their better targeting, low cytotoxicity and high oral bioavailability.

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CD BioSciences is committed to developing drugs and therapies for various diseases through mRNA display technology. Our multiple molecular discovery platforms support customers to find new potential therapeutic candidates in antibody, peptide, enzyme, receptor, etc. If you have any applications or services you want to know, please contact us immediately for the best suggestions and solutions

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