mRNA Display-based Peptide Discovery

mRNA display is a powerful in vitro selection technology, which allows the selection of peptides with the required functions from the trillions of variant libraries, and can achieve the introduction of unnatural amino acids in the display peptide library to develop peptides that target multiple protein-protein interaction targets. Based on this technology, CD BioSciences has established a high-throughput peptide discovery platform, which can quickly and efficiently screen and verify the existence of target molecules, and promote the subsequent functional and pharmaceutical research.

mRNA Display for Peptide Discovery

mRNA display is a selective technology, which is based on the formation of covalent bonds between peptides and their encoded mRNA molecules during in vitro translation. First, the mRNA is modified at its 3’ end with puromycin – an antibiotic that mimics the structure of an amino acylated tRNA. At the end of the process of translating this modified mRNA into a new peptide chain, puromycin enters the A site of the ribosome and forms a peptide bond with the C-terminal of the translated peptide, thereby covalently connecting the mRNA and the peptide. Stable genotype-phenotype linkage allows the protein to be directly amplified, and enables the peptide chain displayed by mRNA to have the required characteristics. If it is to develop peptide-like molecules for studying protein-protein interactions, it is usually to introduce some restrictive structures in the translation process through various strategies to build a restrictive display peptide library.

mRNA display is used for the construction of cyclic peptidesFig. 1 mRNA display is used for the construction of peptides. (Dongen D, 2022)

Our Services

CD BioSciences has long been committed to the discovery of PPI targeted peptides, and has been deeply engaged in the field of innovative peptide drug research. It has built a high-throughput peptide discovery platform based on mRNA display technology, which can quickly and efficiently screen and verify the relevant target peptide molecules for multiple mechanism research. The platform can be applied in many directions including tumor, metabolism and immunity, etc.

Our goal is to provide you with peptide development services quickly and with high quality, including:

Our services include a one-stop development process from sequence design to enrichment and validation of target molecules, and follow a strict quality control system to ensure the delivery of high-quality products and related results reports. The customer only needs to provide relevant information about the project, and our researchers will immediately start the scheme design process to customize the exclusive scheme for the customer's project.

Service Features

Special Peptide Discovery Platform

Special Peptide Discovery Platform

Support high-throughput screening and allow research and verification of multiple targets and mechanisms

Flexible Integration Services

Flexible Integration Services

Reliable data and visual analysis to meet customers' project needs

Mature Technology Platform

Mature Technology Platform

One-to-one experimental plan to ensure scientific and meticulous results

Strong Molecular Diversity

Strong Molecular Diversity

Customized service, close to customer's purpose and shorten customer's research time

CD BioSciences has many years of project development experience in peptide ligand discovery. Based on the mRNA display technology platform, it can provide customers with various services such as peptide library construction, targeted peptide screening, and peptidomimetic development. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


  1. Dongen, D. V. Covalent modification of peptide libraries to target the active site of heparanase in mRNA display [D]. Utrecht University, 2022.
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