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Promoter of high-throughput in vitro screening technology, committed to the discovery and research of lead molecules.

Who Are We?

CD BioSciences is a leading customer-centric biotechnology company, founded in New York. Our unparalleled expertise in manufacturing enables us to focus on biological and chemical products and strive for solutions that improve research results and significantly increase the speed of success.

As a pioneer of biotechnology, CD BioSciences has established contacts with millions of researchers and partners around the world, and is committed to providing universities, research institutions, biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical companies with a wide range of products and services to promote the development of basic science and drug development.

What We Do?

CD BioSciences has developed a multi-molecular discovery platform based on mRNA display technology to provide a comprehensive range of high-quality professional services to our global customers to facilitate drug discovery and basic research in the life sciences. Based on the mRNA display technology platform, we provide customers with antibody discovery, peptide discovery, and protein discovery services to facilitate innovation in their projects and help them achieve breakthrough results.

Our services include a one-stop development process from experimental design to validation and analysis of results data, and we follow a strict quality control system to ensure the delivery of high-quality products and related results reports. Customers simply provide information about their project and our researchers will immediately initiate the protocol design process to create a customized solution for their project.

Why Choose Us?

CD BioSciences is committed to providing our customers with innovative high-quality products and services through discovering, developing, and manufacturing. Innovation and collaboration with like-minded organizations have enabled us to integrate global resources into our own business. They also contribute to meeting the global challenges of the new century.

Our vision is to be recognized as a leading innovator of solutions that will empower the Bio-based Economy. We believe "Smarter Biotechnology" will be a key driver in the creation of more sustainable discovery. In our vision of the future, biotechnology fulfills many of society's unmet needs in the fields of food, health, energy, and chemicals.

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