mRNA Display-based Enzyme Directed Evolution

The directed evolution of enzymes is mainly through protein engineering and other means to repeatedly mutate, express and screen the coding genes, induce the structure and function of biological molecules such as proteins to change directionally, and thus complete the evolution in a short time, so as to obtain enzymes with improved performance or new functions. CD BioSciences is committed to applying in vitro display technology to the field of protein research, and has accumulated rich experience in screening and guiding protein evolution over the years, which can provide customers with more flexible, fast and cost-effective screening and directed evolution services for enzymes.

Importance of Enzyme Directed Evolution

Enzymes are an important catalyst in organisms. At present, the chemical nature of most enzymes found is protein. Because the enzyme still has strong catalytic activity under mild water conditions in vitro, it is widely used in medicine, agriculture, food, chemical industry, environmental protection and other fields. Enzymes have been widely used in practice, but at the same time, they have many defects, such as instability, single substrate and harsh reaction conditions, which are mainly determined by their structure and kinetics. Directed evolution is the reappearance of Darwin's selection evolution process at the molecular level. It mainly uses ingenious technical means to build a protein mutation library and screen out proteins with improved characteristics.

Schematic representation of the PURE mRNA display.Fig. 1 Schematic representation of the PURE mRNA display. (Nagumo, et al., 2016)

Benefits of Directed Evolution of Enzymes

Through the artificial process of directed evolution, natural enzymes can be effectively tamed in terms of environmental (including acid-base, temperature, organic solvent, etc.) tolerance, stereo/regioselectivity, substrate specificity, catalytic efficiency, and product inhibition. Due to the disadvantages, thousands of years of evolution in nature can be completed in a short period of time in the laboratory. Thus, expanding the application scope of biocatalysts, making them widely used in many fields such as food industry, medicine and health, fine chemical industry and bioenergy.

Our Services

Directed evolution of enzymes includes two important steps: the first is the establishment of a variant library, and the second is the screening and identification of the most suitable mutants. The protein discovery platform built by CD BioSciences based on mRNA display technology can provide global customers with one-stop services for directed evolution and screening of enzymes. From the construction of the DNA mutation library to the screening and verification of the final target molecule, use our protein discovery platform to design and optimize the best solution to help customers speed up drug discovery or mechanism research.

We provide a variety of mutation library options for high-throughput screening of mRNA display technology. Customers can specify the type of mutation library, or determine the type of mutation library according to our experts' evaluation suggestions for the project.

  • Random Mutation
The most direct way to establish a mutant library is random mutation. This method does not need to know the structural information of the protein and can obtain beneficial mutants whose mutation positions cannot be predicted.
  • Shuffling Technology
Compared with random mutation, shuffling technology can obtain a greater degree of sequence change. Including homologous shuffling, non-homologous shuffling, domain shuffling, etc.
  • Regional Selection Mutation
If the purpose of some protein engineering is to make a large change in the selectivity or action area of the enzyme, then it may be necessary to make multi-site mutations in the active area of the enzyme.

Service Features

  • One-stop Service: provide one-stop service from sequence design, transcription, translation, verification and purification.
  • High Throughput: a high-throughput platform for protein development to achieve standardized mass production.
  • High Efficiency: the advanced technology platform ensures the fastest delivery cycle.
  • High Standard: whole process standardized operation and risk control.

CD BioSciences has many years of project development experience in protein discovery. The protein discovery platform based on mRNA display technology can provide customers with a variety of enzyme screening and directed evolution services. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


  1. Nagumo, Y., Fujiwara, K., Horisawa, K., et al. (2016). PURE mRNA display for in vitro selection of single-chain antibodies. Journal of biochemistry, 159(5), 519–526.
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