mRNA Display-based Antibody Discovery

Compared with traditional hybridoma technology, mRNA display technology has outstanding advantages in cycle time, screening scope, cost and expense. The process of mRNA display screening library is simple and efficient, which can obtain antibodies with strong affinity in a short time. CD BioSciences has devoted itself to the research of antibody field for many years, accumulated rich experience in antibody discovery, and can provide customers with multi type antibody discovery services based on mRNA display technology.

mRNA Display for Antibody Discovery

mRNA display technology is to use genetic engineering technology to synthesize or extract antibody genes and transcribe them into mRNA in vitro, connect the mRNA with the antibody obtained in the process of in vitro translation through puromycin, and then reverse transcribe to form a ternary complex and combine it with the target protein, complete the screening of antibody under mRNA display, and obtain high affinity and high specificity target antibody through multiple rounds of elutriation. Based on mRNA display technology, it can realize the discovery of many kinds of antibodies, including mouse monoclonal antibody, rabbit monoclonal antibody, chicken monoclonal antibody and all human monoclonal antibody.

mRNA display cycleFig. 1 mRNA display cycle. (Kamalinia, et al., 2021)

mRNA Display has several significant advantages over other display techniques as a protein design tool:(1) higher diversity; (2) lack of context dependence; (3) strictly monomeric libraries; (4) the ability to use an expanded genetic code; (5) ease of use with high throughput sequence analysis. Compared with other methods such as phage display, mRNA display technology improves the diversity of the library by 104 times, so it is a better antibody discovery method.

Our Services

mRNA display technology includes sequence design and synthesis, antibody library construction, elution, identification and other steps. CD BioSciences uses flexible sequence design strategies, multiple screening methods (antigens, cells), and affinity and specificity testing and verification to provide comprehensive and efficient antibody discovery services.

mRNA Display-based Antibody Library Construction

  • Naïve Antibody Library
  • Immune Antibody Library
  • Semi-synthetic Antibody Library
  • Synthetic Antibody Library

mRNA Display-based Antibody Screening

  • Antimicrobial Antibody Screening
  • Antiviral Antibody Screening
  • Anti-Cancer Antibody Screening
  • Bispecific Antibody Screening

mRNA Display-based Antibody Affinity Maturation

  • Mismatch PCR
  • DNA Reorganization
  • Chain Permutation
  • Directional Mutation

Service Features

Wide Adaptability of Species

Wide Adaptability of Species

Antibodies from humans, mice, rabbits, sheep, camels and other species were found to be compatible.

Short Discovery Cycle

Short Discovery Cycle

From sample collection to antibody library screening, the experimental cycle was significantly shortened.

Mature Technology Platform

Mature Technology Platform

Using powerful in vitro mRNA display technology, the capacity of antibody library can reach 1014.

Strong Molecular Diversity

Strong Molecular Diversity

Multiple mutations can be introduced, not limited to cell transformation and other processes.

CD BioSciences has many years of project development experience in antibody discovery. Based on the mRNA display technology platform, it can provide customers with antibody discovery services such as antibody library construction, antibody screening and antibody affinity maturation. If you are interested in our service, please contact us for more details.


  1. Kamalinia, G., Grindel, B.J., Takahashi, T.T., et al. (2021). Directing evolution of novel ligands by mRNA display. Chemical Society reviews, 50: 9055.
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