mRNA Display-based Peptide Screening

mRNA display is a new and efficient peptide screening technology. Its basic principle is to covalently combine mRNA with its encoded peptide or protein through the linker containing puromycin oligonucleotides to form a mRNA protein complex. CD BioSciences can provide customers with a variety of peptide screening services by using its peptide discovery platform based on mRNA display technology.

mRNA Display for Peptide Screening

In view of the limitations of existing intracellular screening techniques for polypeptides, a random DNA library was constructed and transcribed into mRNA, which was first annealed and complemented with oligonucleotide chains with purinomycin at the end before being expressed in vitro using mRNA as a template. At the end of the translation, purinomycin enters the ribosome and captures the newly generated polypeptide chain to form a covalent structure. After reverse transcription, it forms a random library that expresses polypeptides and their encoding information cDNA. After screening, primers were designed to amplify the obtained cDNA by PCR, and then the next round of screening was carried out. After multiple rounds of circulation, the target peptide and its coding information were finally obtained.

In vitro selection by mRNA display.Fig. 1 In vitro selection by mRNA display. (Newton, et al., 2020)

In this method, the complete in vitro screening technology is used, and the construction of the library and screening do not need to involve the cell transfection process; In addition, effective in vitro mutation and recombination can be carried out in the process of multiple cycles, thereby increasing the molecular genetic diversity in the library. Therefore, the library capacity of this method can reach 1013-1015, and it has the advantages of stable system, simple operation and high screening efficiency.

Our Services

mRNA display forms a covalent connection between the cell-free synthetic protein (phenotype) and its encoded mRNA (genotype) through purinomycin for screening peptides and proteins in vitro. CD BioSciences has built a peptide discovery platform based on mRNA display technology to provide customers around the world with screening services for various types of peptides to meet research needs. Our screening services include but are not limited to:

In our service, we can screen multiple types of targets, such as disease targets (cancer, tumor microenvironment, metabolic diseases, neurological diseases, etc.); immunosuppressive sites; cell and cell action epitope; viruses and bacteria.

Our Workflow

Our Workflow

Service Features

  • Accurate and fast experiment process, saving time for customers.
  • Professional and technical experts precisely control the screening process of peptide library.
  • The constructed library can screen a large number of different targets.
  • The peptide screened has high specificity and sensitivity.

CD BioSciences has many years of project development experience in peptide discovery. Based on the mRNA display technology platform, it can provide customers with screening services for various types of peptides. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


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