mRNA Display-based Protein Discovery

In vitro display technology is the basis for the isolation of specific high-affinity binding proteins, and is used for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. The current application has expanded to a wide range of fields such as antibody (Ab) engineering, synthetase, proteomics and cell-free protein synthesis. Based on mRNA in vitro display technology, CD BioSciences has established a high-throughput protein discovery platform, which can quickly and efficiently screen and verify the existence of target molecules, and promote subsequent functional and drug research.

mRNA Display for Protein Discovery

As the structural basis of the whole cell, protein is the main bearer of the metabolic process and regulatory mechanism of organisms, the executor of physiological functions and the direct embodiment of life phenomena, and its functional changes are closely related to phenotype. The research and discovery of proteins can provide more direct evidence for complex life phenotypes that genes are difficult to explain. mRNA display technology can be used to completely produce, select and evolve these proteins in vitro, not only for the synthesis of antibodies, but also for the discovery of a variety of functional proteins and enzymes, helping to study protein-protein interaction and explore the mechanism of disease and drug discovery.

mRNA display cycleFig. 1 mRNA display cycle. (Kamalinia G, et al., 2021)

mRNA display technology usually has two important advantages: it can process very large libraries, and it is convenient to evolve proteins iteratively through random mutation and selection. The initial library size is determined by the number of different DNA molecules present at the beginning of selection. DNA molecules are first transcribed into mRNA in vitro, and then converted into proteins through a stoichiometric number of ribosomes. Finally, the size of the functional library is the number of different full-length protein molecules coupled with the coding mRNA.

Our Services

CD BioSciences has long been committed to the selection and discovery of proteins, and has deeply explored the research of protein therapy and diagnostic reagents. The high-throughput protein discovery platform based on its mRNA display technology can quickly and efficiently screen, verify and optimize related target proteins, and is applicable to the research and application of multiple mechanisms. Our services include:

The customer only needs to provide relevant project information, and our experts will start the scheme design process at the first time, so that the customer's time will only focus on the most critical nodes of the project.

Service Features

Special Peptide Discovery Platform

Special Protein Discovery Platform

Support high-throughput screening and allow research and verification of multiple targets and mechanisms

Flexible Integration Services

Flexible Integration Services

Reliable data and visual analysis to meet customers' project needs

Professional Scientific Team

Professional Scientific Team

One-to-one experimental plan to ensure scientific and meticulous results

Fast, Cost-effective Supply

Fast, Cost-effective Response

Customized service, close to customer's purpose and shorten customer's research time

CD BioSciences has many years of project development experience in protein discovery. Based on the mRNA display technology platform, it can provide customers with services such as protein screening and evolution, functional protein development and optimization. If you are interested in our service, please contact us for more details.


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