mRNA Display-based Antibody Library Construction

CD BioSciences has devoted itself to the research of antibody field for many years, accumulated rich experience in antibody library construction, and can provide customers with antibody library construction services based on mRNA display library technology.

Introduction of mRNA Display Antibody Library

Introduction of mRNA Display Antibody Library

At present, the use of antibody libraries can not only screen specific antibody fragments, but also modify existing antibody molecules, such as reducing the mouse origin of antibodies, improving their affinity and stability. The latter is also called antibody directed evolution, and the antibody library used is called directed evolution antibody library. Since the whole process of mRNA display technology is carried out in vitro, there is no need for transformation, cloning and expression in cells. It is easier to introduce mutations, build high-capacity mutation libraries, and facilitate multiple rounds of repeated screening. It is a good tool for directional evolution of antibodies in vitro.

Construction Process of mRNA Display Antibody Library

  1. B lymphocytes were isolated from peripheral blood, spleen, lymph nodes and other tissues, and mRNA was extracted and reverse transcribed into cDNA.
  2. Using antibody light chain and heavy chain primers, different gene fragments were amplified by PCR technology according to the needs of library construction.
  3. Elements needed to construct mRNA display antibody library template were introduced, including T7 promoter, translation enhancer, translation start codon and other sequences.
  4. The mRNA display antibody library was obtained by in vitro transcription and translation. (In vitro expression of E Coli S30 cell-free protein synthesis system, or protein synthesis system of eukaryotic rabbit reticulocyte lysate and wheat germ extract)

Our Services

By combining genotype and phenotype, mRNA display technology can build up to 1014 capacity antibody libraries for high-throughput screening and enrichment. In the research of antibody library, mRNA display technology can be used to build and screen the antibody library of human and other animals in vitro, avoiding steps such as immunization and cell fusion, thus shortening the experimental cycle and increasing stability. CD BioSciences mRNA display platform now offers antibody library construction services, antibody fragment library construction services and other professional one-stop services to meet your actual needs.

Workflow of Our Service

mRNA Display-based Antibody Library Construction

Service Features

  • Wide adaptability of species: the development of antibodies of human, mouse, rabbit, sheep, camel and other species are compatible.
  • Mature technology platform: with mRNA Display technology, the antibody library capacity can be up to 1014.
  • Short development cycle: from sample collection to antibody library delivery, the experimental cycle is significantly shortened.
  • Strong molecular diversity: multiple mutations can be introduced, not limited to cell transformation and other processes.

CD BioSciences has many years of project development experience in antibody discovery. Based on the mRNA display technology platform, it can provide customers with various types of antibody library construction services. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


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