In vitro selection of peptides by mRNA display has been proved to be an excellent tool for peptide design, protein engineering and protein interaction research. The ability to search a very large candidate sequence library is significantly superior to all in vivo methods and most other in vitro selection techniques. The convenient selection of adding unnatural amino acids into the protein library has expanded the possibility of obtaining new structures and activities. These structures and activities have no natural precedent and cannot be selected by other methods. The covalent genotype-phenotype linkage in mRNA display not only allows easy recovery and recognition of selected candidates, but also enables the use of multiple selection conditions due to its robustness, many of which are incompatible with in vivo methods. This is particularly valuable in enzyme engineering to evolve soluble, folded, heat-resistant proteins that are also compatible with organic solvents, extreme pH or high salt concentrations.

In short, if you want to search the largest possible protein variant library under the most extensive selection conditions, mRNA display technology should be your choice method. CD BioSciences has combined this powerful in vitro display technology with its experience accumulated in the field of protein, antibody and peptide research services for many years to develop a new platform suitable for the discovery and screening of target molecules.

Overview of Our Services

mRNA Display-based Antibody Discovery

mRNA Display-based Antibody Discovery

The mRNA is linked to the antibody obtained in the process of translation in vitro through puromycin, and then reversely transcribed to form a ternary complex and bind to the target protein. Antibody screening was completed in a cell-free system, and target antibodies with high affinity and specificity were obtained through multiple rounds of elutriation.

mRNA Display-based Peptide Discovery

mRNA Display-based Peptide Discovery

The high-throughput peptide discovery platform based on mRNA display technology can quickly and efficiently screen and verify relevant target peptide molecules for multi-mechanism research. Our services include a one-stop development process from sequence design to enrichment and validation of target molecules, and follow a strict quality control system to ensure the delivery of high-quality products and related results reports.

mRNA Display-based Protein Discovery

mRNA Display-based Protein Discovery

The research and discovery of proteins can provide more direct evidence for complex life phenotypes that are difficult to explain by genes. mRNA display technology can be used to completely produce, select and evolve these proteins in vitro, not only to synthesize antibodies, but also to discover a variety of functional proteins and enzymes.

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We have a professional scientific team who strives to provide the best services.

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The multi-application molecular discovery platform based on mRNA display technology developed by CD BioSciences will continue to provide professional services to global customers to promote drug discovery and basic research in the field of life science. At the same time, we will continue to combine multidisciplinary knowledge and continue to expand the scope of services to meet the changing research needs in the future. Please contact us to learn more about mRNA display technology and related services.

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