Synthetic Antibody Library Construction

The fully synthesized antibody library means that the variable region genes of heavy chain and light chain used to build the antibody library are both synthesized in vitro. First, select the representative antibody I gene as the template, and then use the PCR method to introduce designed mutations in the CDRs region, thereby increasing the diversity of the antibody library. CD BioSciences can provide customers with the design and construction of synthetic antibody libraries based on its mRNA display technology.

Overview of Synthetic Antibody Library

Overview of Synthetic Antibody Library

Total synthetic antibody library refers to a library of artificially synthesized antibody variable region sequences. In the synthetic antibody library, all CDR3 libraries were synthesized using the triple nucleotide mutation technique (TRIM), replacing the previous single nucleotide mixing method (NNK randomization). Compared with NNK method, TRIM method does not have stop codon or unwanted amino acid (just do not add relevant codon in the mixture), and mismatch will only lead to the change of sequence length without destroying the reading frame. The result of total synthesis is that synthetic diversity bypasses natural bias and redundancy, and allows more thorough sampling of binding site structures than natural antibodies allow. This is the main reason why synthetic libraries are famous for providing large quantities of antibodies.

Advantages of Synthetic Antibody Library

  • There is no need to immunize animals, and the capacity, site variability and overall diversity of the library can be controlled.
  • Because it is not affected by factors such as autoimmunity tolerance and clone selection, some antibodies that are difficult to obtain in other libraries can be screened.

Our Services

CD BioSciences has rich experience in building antibody libraries of different formats and types. The variable region sequence of the antibody is artificially synthesized and mutated, and then our mRNA in vitro display technology is used to construct a complex and diverse antibody library. You only need to provide project information, and we can design and build various types of fully synthetic antibody libraries for you.

Construction Process of mRNA Display Semi-synthetic Antibody Library. Construction Process of mRNA Display Synthetic Antibody Library.

Service Features

  • One-stop Service: provide one-stop service from sequence design, transcription, translation, verification and purification.
  • High Throughput: a high-throughput platform for gene synthesis and antibody expression to achieve standardized mass production.
  • High Efficiency: the advanced technology platform ensures the fastest delivery cycle.
  • High Standard: whole process standardized operation and risk control.

CD BioSciences has many years of project development experience in antibody discovery. Based on the mRNA display technology platform, it can provide customers with various types of antibody library construction services. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.

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