The in vitro display technique, mRNA display, has proven to be an invaluable tool for many applications, not just the selection of peptide binders. They hold great potential for directed evolution of protein stability and affinity, generation of high-quality libraries by in vitro preselection, selection for enzymatic activity, and display of cDNA and random peptide libraries. Furthermore, the technique has several features that should make it easy to standardize and automate: including rapid selection cycles, allowing processing of large libraries, independent of cell transformation, and independent of the in vivo environment. Therefore, it can be expected that mRNA display technology will have a huge impact on applications in biotechnology, medicine and proteomics.

Selection of PD-L1 affibodies by mRNA display.Fig. 1 Selection of PD-L1 affibodies by mRNA display. (Grindel B J, et al., 2022)

Based on the powerful synthesis and screening potential of mRNA display technology in peptide, antibody, protein and small molecule compounds, it breaks through the limitations of traditional screening technology in cell transformation, and can exert screening pressure according to ideal characteristics. CD BioSciences combines this powerful in vitro display technology with its years of experience in the field of protein, antibody and polypeptide research services, and is committed to developing a new platform suitable for the discovery and screening of target molecules, providing the most appropriate tools for relevant research in the fields of treatment, diagnosis and materials.

Overview of Applications



In vitro display technology independent of cell system plays an important role in the process of high-throughput synthesis and screening of effective small molecular therapeutic substances. For example, the production of proteins needed to target diseased or foreign cells, and the production of therapeutic antibodies through genetic engineering in the cell-free state are completely changing the treatment methods of known or emerging diseases.



Diagnostic methods based on functional molecules provide real-time, dynamic, sensitive, highly specific and non-invasive methods for detecting and monitoring cancer cells, metabolic parameters, infectious sources, therapeutic drugs and toxin exposure. mRNA display technology is being used to produce more functional small molecules using reasonable engineering strategies to develop new biosensors for diagnosis and monitoring in many fields such as medical, agriculture, biology, food and so on.

Materials Science

Materials Science

Create specific secondary structures or biocompatible surfaces with ideal properties, and smart materials for imaging, bioelectronics, biosensors and molecular recognition applications. These materials can be produced by various small molecular compounds with special structures developed by high-throughput in vitro screening technology, and given more functions by unique modification technology, and applied to biochemistry, medicine, industrial production and other aspects.

Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry

The application of in vitro biosynthesis in the production of bulk chemicals (sugar chemicals, organic acid chemicals, alcohol chemicals, etc.) shows the application prospect of in vitro biosynthesis in chemical synthesis. As an important means of biosynthesis in vitro, mRNA display technology can be used to design random DNA sequences, achieve high-throughput in vitro screening of substrates, and develop various naturally difficult to produce small molecular compounds with special structures.

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The molecular discovery platform based on mRNA display technology developed by CD BioSciences will continue to provide professional services to global customers to promote drug discovery and basic research in the field of life science. At the same time, we will continue to combine multi-disciplinary knowledge and continue the service and application scope of this technology to meet the changing research needs in the future. Please contact us to learn more about mRNA display technology and related services.


  1. Grindel, B. J., Engel, B. J., Ong, J. N., et al. (2022). Directed Evolution of PD-L1-Targeted Affibodies by mRNA Display. ACS chemical biology, 17(6), 1543–1555.
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