mRNA Display-based Anti-cancer Antibody Screening

Antibody is a kind of promising targeted anticancer agent, which can enhance the function of natural immune system, inhibit the activity of cancer cells and eliminate cancer cells. The successful application of monoclonal antibodies has stimulated the development of various types of therapeutic antibodies, such as antibody fragments, bispecific antibodies and antibody derivatives. CD BioSciences has many years of research experience in the field of antibody discovery, and is committed to providing anti-cancer antibody discovery and screening services for customers around the world using its antibody discovery platform based on mRNA display.

Introduction to Anti-cancer Antibodies

Now therapeutic antibodies, especially monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), have completely changed the field of targeted cancer treatment. mAb can specifically bind target antigens and induce cytotoxicity by neutralizing or promoting apoptosis, as well as promote innate immune responses, such as antibody dependent cytotoxicity (ADCC), complement dependent cytotoxicity (CDC) and antibody dependent cell phagocytosis (ADCP). Inspired by the successful application of immunoglobulin G (IgG) mAb, other antibody forms (for example, antibody fragments, bispecific antibodies (BsAb) and non IgG scaffold proteins) and antibody derivatives (for example, antibody drug conjugates (ADC) and immune cytokines), they have been accepted as alternative therapies for a wide range of cancers.

Schematic representation of the approved antibody-drug conjugate (ADC).Fig. 1 Schematic representation of the approved antibody-drug conjugate (ADC). (Jin, et al., 2022)

mRNA Display for Screening Anti-cancer Antibodies

mRNA display technology can be used to construct large-capacity antibody libraries, especially antibody fragments such as single-chain antibodies (scFv) and antigen-binding fragments (Fab). Strong penetrability, easier to reach target cells through the intercellular space, and the preparation of antibodies by this technology has the advantages of short cycle, high efficiency, easy operation, and low price. Therefore, more and more researchers use mRNA display technology to efficiently screen, rapid isolation of cancer-specific antibodies for targeted cancer therapy. Many surface antigens of cancer cells, such as carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2), etc. Tumor targets are of equal value. In mRNA display, high-affinity and high-specificity targeting antibodies can be obtained by co-incubating the complex of genotype and phenotype with these antigens and enriching after several rounds of screening.

Our Services

CD BioSciences has built a high-throughput antibody discovery platform based on mRNA display technology, which can provide global customers with screening services for various anti-cancer antibodies. Our antibody discovery platform works by incubating phenotype-genotype complexes with cancer antigens over multiple rounds. After multiple rounds of enrichment and screening, the target antibody and gene sequence can be obtained simultaneously.

  • Types of Cancer

Bladder Cancer
Breast Cancer
Colorectal Cancer
Kidney Cancer
Lung Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer
Prostate Cancer
Skin Cancer
Uterine Cancer

  • Mechanism of Action

Flagging Cancer Cells
Blocking Cancer Cell Growth
Preventing Blood Vessel Growth
Blocking Immune System Inhibitors

Directly Attacking Cancer Cells
Delivering Radiation
Delivering Cytotoxic Substances
Binding Cancer Cells And Immune Cells

Whether there are cancer types or mechanisms of action that you are interested in, as long as you provide relevant antigen information, our expert team can design the best solution for your project!

Service Features

High-throughput Screening

High-throughput Screening

Fast Turnaround Time

Fast Turnaround Time

Customized Service

Customized Service

Various Antibody Types

Various Antibody Types

CD BioSciences has many years of project development experience in antibody discovery. Based on the mRNA display technology platform, it can provide customers with various types of antibody screening services. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


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