Naïve Antibody Library Construction

The naive antibody library is constructed with B cells from non-immune or healthy donors and is considered to be able to isolate monoclonal antibodies against any antigen. CD BioSciences can provide natural antibody libraries from non-immune animals and humans based on its mRNA display technology.

Overview of Naïve Antibody Libraries

The antibody gene of Naïve antibody library (Non-immunized Antibody Library) comes from human or animal peripheral blood lymphocytes, bone marrow, spleen cells and tissues. For example, the mRNA of non-immune human B cells is reverse transcribed into cDNA, and the anti-V gene is amplified with oligonucleotides binding to FR1 and FR4 in the V gene frame region as primers. The heavy chain and light chain are randomly assembled into ScFv or Fab, and then these fragments are directly expressed and displayed. By using this procedure, antibodies are recovered before encountering antigens and are not screened for tolerance by the immune system. Indeed, a naïve library represents a good source of Abs against self, non-immunogenic, and toxic antigens if the library is sufficiently large and diverse.

Advantages of Naïve Antibody Libraries

  • Available for all antigens
  • Can quickly obtain antibodies
  • Human antibody can be obtained
  • Can produce antibodies against autoantigens and non-immunogens.

Advantages of Naïve Antibody Library

Our Services

Based on mRNA display technology, CD BioSciences can create a natural antibody library with larger capacity. We collect peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL), bone marrow, spleen cells or tissues from uninfected hosts (humans, different animals), and then isolate the antibody genes of interest from them. Then we use cell-free in vitro systems for transcription and translation to obtain mRNA display antibody libraries with special antibody fragments. Since there is no cell transformation and in vivo translation modification step, The time for building the database is greatly shortened and the capacity of the database is significantly improved. The constructed antibody library can be directly used for affinity maturation and screening of different antigens.

Construction Process of mRNA Display Naïve Antibody Library.Construction Process of mRNA Display Naïve Antibody Library

Service Features

  • Construction of Native Fab, ScFv Libraries.
  • Selecting Antibodies to Target Disease Related Antigens.
  • Isolation of Human Monoclonal Antibodies.
  • Excellent for Production of Native Antibodies in Any Species.

CD BioSciences has many years of project development experience in antibody discovery. Based on the mRNA display technology platform, it can provide customers with various types of antibody library construction services. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.

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